onomono performance stills

The word ONOMONO is a palindrome—it can be read forward and back. The video begins and ends with the same visual note. The sound is created using alive-feed into a Kaleidoloop—a recording device that can manipulate speed, pitch and direction. During the performance, I sampled sounds live—some by recording the audience—which I then played back, forward and in reverse at different speeds and pitch to create the soundtrack.

ONOMONO depicts a circle of destruction. It captures the ailments of our society through various archival footage, such as gruesome animal experiments, depression-era economic graphics, schizophrenia and OCD patients. this is what happens when you soak up the coming insurrection.

This experiment was preformed at Cristin Tierney gallery NY, on Dec 17, 2011. It was a collaboration with two of my friends—Jeremy C. Hansen and Timothy Korn.

please join us saturday for live music and performances hosted by my friends chris and owen aka Critter & Guitari at Cristin Tierney Gallery. our 15 minute long performance includes a video projection and live music. we are featuring two beautiful dancers: Netta Yerushalmy and Lily Baldwin. this is a collaboration by myself, editor Jeremy C. Hansen and musician Timothy Korn.

cristin tierney gallery
546 West 29th Street
SATURDAY, dec 17, 2011
doors 8pm/performances 9pm
hosted by critter & guitari
[ this collage is from a photo of cappadocia that i took in miniatürk. the dancer is netta yerushalmi ]