‪After watching Brian Greene on PBS last night discussing quantum physics in The Fabric of the Cosmos, I had a question about time.‬

‪I read elsewhere (Time’s Arrow, an Oct. 8th article in New Scientist magazine) that currently, we think of Time as moving in one direction—forward—unlike the orientation of space, in which we can move in various directions. OK that makes sense.‬

‪But Greene talked about the discrepancy between quantum mechanics (micro particles) and the theory of relativity (macro). If this issue of space is unsettled, that what does it mean for Time? Can we also move through time in other directions that we are unaware of currently?‬

La Jetée‬, by Chris Marker, 1962, has influenced many artists’ and non-artists’ films. The most quotable is probably Twelve Monkeys. In ‪La Jetée’s post-apocalyptic reality, the protagonist is told the only hope for the survival of the human race is not in travel to Space, but travel in Time. Specifically, travel through images already existing in one’s mind.