our mutual friend, Christopher Eamon, introduced me to Gianfranco Foschino. Christopher curated a lovely show of Gianfranco’s work at I-20 gallery in NY last year. Gianfranco makes subtle videos that have a dialogue with painting. I especially like the white frames that encase the flat screens, and the way in which they are embedded into the wall. Sounds like too much attention to form, but it actually lets you focus on the content.
With Gianfranco on the left, and with Ju, the forever inspiring good vibes Juliane Elting:
Rafa on the last day:
and different flavors, but still break up. funnies.
a special thanks to a wonderful lady, Solange Farkas, here introducing filmmaker Karim Ainouz:
goodbye SESC_Pompeia and purple blossom in the spring:

videobrasil team Marina Torre and Rafael Moretti. Super obrigada, guys. Marina is the tech powerhouse, and Rafa is everything else.
Sergio Edelsztein of CCA Tel Aviv and Benjamin Seroussi of CCJ Sao Paulo. waiting for another caipirinha with cachaça.
Benjamin Seroussi (FR/BR), Eduardo de Jesus (BR), Ali Cherri (FR/LEB):
cashew fruit
apt building on the way to the Biennale of Sao Paulo. the architecture here is varied and un-US usual.
Aaron G Cezar and Basma Alsharif near the Biennale building:go basma!
this artist takes old school seriously. this iphone cover is from Singapore. his SESC is, of course, Pompeia:
Juliane and Natasha Mendonca from India at lunch in SESC_Belenzinho. I can’t have enough. Where is your SESC?
i’m sure there will be more from Natasha soon. when I watched her film Jan Villa at VidB, it hit me about half way through, as soon as i saw this image, that this was a film i had heard lots about and really wanted to see:
Jan Villa is a beautiful film shot in india and its elusive narrative hits you just enough. the music, which Natasha also made herself, hits you in the guts when you least expect it. It’s abstract and narrative and beautiful and engaging all at once. one of my favorite works for sure.

panoramas do sol people

videobrazil panoramas do sol at SESC_Belenzinho:
This SESC is a nice one with a swimming pool and a waterfall. There are so many great works in the show! More on that soon. Here are some people:

Juliane and Aaron G Cezar of The Delfina Foundation, London, are contemplating the possibility of adopting a child:
Oops, they got one! And she looks like them.
Aya Eliav and Ofir Feldman from Israel put together a TV show, which we experienced live. They interpreted and re-enacted a few performance pieces, in this case, Marina and Ulay’s “AAA AAA” from 1978 which you can see here.
The show will be broadcast on SESC TV. Notice the mean judges behind the table.
in Sao Paulo, they broadcast performance art on TV, and they also sell books in vending machines in the Metro:
Basma Alsharif from Palestine/US in front of curiously many Nietzsche books. Is god dead?

And in the kiosk upstairs near our local luncheonette, they sell Crime and Punishment, Kafka and Playboy. Probably because of the good articles.
Check out Shaun Gladwell:
It was after karaoke night in little Japan. Federico Lamas from Argentina and myself sang a duet, in which we honored the too big to be honored, the everyday man, Olafur. You can do it too! Substitute Voulez-Vous for Olafur, and you have it made.
[ Shaun Gladwell from Australia is riding a found Olafur ]

And here’s Fede exercising his superpowers:
he does it so well:

fede powers