critter & guitari

i stopped by at my friends chris and owen aka critter & guitari video shoot today at Fast Ashley’s studios for their Pocket Piano demo. here’s chris with the hand that controls it all:
a still life with the pocket pianos:
here’s chris playing with the funny hand:
owen on the left and chris is with his back to us:
this pictures a mute jam session that i wish you could hear. imagine electronic madness with drums:
chris and owen made kaleidoloopes before they started making pocket pianos. chris let me borrow a couple when I was working on the TYRANNY OF TIME. the k-loops can record multiple tracks onto an SD card. as you play what resides on the card, you can change pitch, play in reverse or fast forward—exactly what i wanted to achieve. they are very electronic sounding, so it wasn’t quite right for the TYRANNY, which was all about the live act of mediation without the apparatus.
i am as in love as one can be with an object, so i do hope to use k-loops in the future. in 2009 i organized an event at the time square gallery at Hunter with chris and owen and the dearraindrop collective. this is joe, who is also a part of the collective, and overall chillin’ with paper: