Sunday May 13th, 3:15pm
Commissioned by ISCP
International Studio & Curatorial Program
1040 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Time, unlike space, only flows in one direction. We can experience space walking forward, sideways and back, but we only experience time as it moves toward the future. In addition, different cultures experience time at different speeds, which might be a source for conflict.

AUCTIONING OFF THE GREEK DEBT negotiates the European debt crisis by creating a new financial tool—a commodity derivative—by the two most powerful entities in the union: Germany and France.

Three dancers: German, French and Greek enact an abstract financial scenario involving language. The qualities of the Greek dancer are bundled and sold as commodity derivatives by Germany and France. All is told through movement, combined with language phrases spoken with an economy of consonants—in each of the three dancer’s respective languages.

The performance is a set of actions that trigger a chain of responses and activate the gallery space and hallways. The performers punch a time clock to underscore the movement transactions.

With Sandra Passirani, Martina Potratz and Savina Theodorou.

For more information and complete weekend lineup see the e-flux announcement.

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