opening night

Here are some more shots from Corby’s dance, In Whole or in Part, which opened last night at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I made the video for the dance. After the premiere, Kate, the dancers and myself participated in a panel discussion about our collaborative process.
[ Mikey Rioux and Erin Kilmurray ]
Kate describes the initial reference for this dance as the UN definition of genocide “…intent to destroy in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group”. the dance itself is far from being an illustration of this theme. rather, it creates an atmosphere and a space in which relationships develop between performers to expose related ailments. for Kate, this is an invitation for the audience to actively participate in the work. she considers the dancers and audience members as collaborators—an act which she refers to as both aesthetic and political.
a solo with Anna Normann:
Kate Corby & Dancers company + UW students/dancers:
Anna Normann and Emily Miller:
post show
one place to permanently carry your favorite puccini soprano aria is between your fingers. vissi d’arte on the fingers of dancer Janelle Bentley + magenta nail polish and glitter + strawberry margaritas. Janelle and Shoshi (between cup and pitcher) were recruited to the Kibbutz dance company this week. if marxism failed, then let us dance!


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