The Permanent Imminence of the Fatal

BIM, Biennial of Moving Image, Museum MUNTREF, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, curated by Gabriela Golder and Andrés Denegri, October 29th to December 20th, 2016

The question of fear is a gaudily well-trodden terrain. In the everyday we tend to relate it to our present condition and no doubt we say: we live in fear today. This is immediately followed by a consensus that fear is a phenomenon of our hyper-informed age. In this respect, the mass media plays a fundamental role at the service of power, for whom it is desirable to have a meek society, placated by a conspiracy of fears. It sounds coherent, but wasn’t fear widespread before the internet, before television, before radio and newspapers? It’s true that the presence of the media intimidates us, but what then can we think of the idea of God, dead today but nonetheless omnipresent? And what of that vast, overwhelming Nature before him? And as part of that, the Other, always lying in wait. MORE