TYRANNY OF TIME performace, 2011

TYRANNY OF TIME is a live performance that exhibits the idea of video mediation without the apparatus. Five performers either: fast forward, reverse in normal speed or in slow motion, and sometimes exist in the present. The urgency for the piece came from dealing with the tragic death of a friend and music collaborator. When we began working on this piece, each of the performers/collaborators was asked to find a moment they wanted to revisit or correct. I was particularly interested in actions that their minds compulsively returned to.

The structure of the piece is set to a poem I wrote about Time. Time is the authority we are rejecting in this work. Instead of thinking about our stories as narratives arranged by linearity or time, I decided to approach it like music. We worked off of a classical arrangement to come up with a spacial organization of the performers. The poem was recited by an invisible voice, who is the authority that reinforces time. He appears every minute, on the minute. The performers do not subscribe to his order, but instead each of them has their own time—forward, reverse, or in the present.