HALF TAMED BEAST, site specific dance performance, 2010 (excerpt)

HALF-TAMED BEAST tells the story of four people who are lost in the desert, traveling across sand dunes searching for water. Parched, they struggle with one another for the last few drops of water; each of them trapped in a body shriveled from the heat of the scorching sun. Three of them cast off the BEAST, an impulsive character with very long arms. The BEAST does not share their social code and basic rules of self-control, which leads to her ultimate demise. In this work I explore the group VS the individual, control and struggle over resources (water), and the absurdity of the struggle for water by a body of water.

Dancers: Kate Corby, Mor Gur-Arie, Christena Anne Jones and Nicholas Ruiz Sound composition: Timothy Korn and Christopher Doyle in collaboration with Istiklal Trio and Talat with vocals by Orly Bendavid Costume design: Tchelet Feldman Camera: Orit Ben-Shitrit Editors: Jeremy C. Hansen and Will Znidaric Sound mix: Timothy Korn

This project is presented and commissioned by Artis and made possible in part through generous support from ZOOM Contemporary Art Fair and the Consulate General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico. Special thanks to Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space program. View full version.